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1776 marks the beginning of what would become the best country the world has ever seen. 

In the early days of America rum and brandy were rationed to American soldiers during battle. However this became too risky for fear of injury. So they switched to coffee, wise choice if you ask us. 

This not only helped the economy of America, as the importation of coffee increased substantially. But a hot cup of coffee with the boys helped boost morale among the troops.

Sharing stories over a cup of coffee and a camp fire became a way of distressing and letting the excitement of the day disappear for a moment. 

The soldiers also came to rely heavily on coffee, needing the caffeine boost during battle to stay awake and alert of things around them. 

1776 is our espresso blend. Espresso is the foundation of a great coffee drink. With 1776 you’ll get that deep rich flavor you’ve come to love with espresso, without the bitter or acidity you get with other coffees.

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