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Coffee is the first thing on our minds as soon as we hear that alarm every morning. The origins of how coffee was discovered is still a mystery and riddled with legends, we at least have a good idea how it made it to America.

Capt. John Smith himself was the first colonist to bring coffee to America, having visited several different parts of the world, he became very familiar with coffee, and eventually brought it on his ship to the future United States.

This is my wife’s favorite coffee. You can really tell a difference when the coffee is freshly roasted before they ship it to you. Thanks for a great product and fast shipping.

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Our coffee is what America’s all about.

Tea Act of 1773

The Tea Act of 1773 started the realization that we do not have to accept being ruled by King George, and we can be a free nation.

Once the tea hit the harbor, the colonists, as a form of protest, took to drinking coffee over tea, and it quickly became the drink of choice in the New England area.

Freedom Roasters is America’s Coffee

Patriotism runs deep. The patriots of what would be America, took on the tyrant King George, declaring our independence as a country, refusing to obey to his laws. From our first president, George Washington, and with no signs of slowing down, coffee became and remains the drink of choice in America.

1776 the Year that marked Our Freedom

1776 marks the beginning of what would become the best country the world has ever seen. Our soldiers from the revolutionary war through today have relied on coffee to get them through rough times, from sharing stories over a cup and a campfire to the caffeine boost to stay awake and alert, the US military relies on coffee.

From Our House to Yours

Freedom Roasters Coffee was born out of the idea that great tasting coffee is connected to the ideals of America and Freedom.

Why Freedom Roasters?

We are a small batch roaster, which means your coffee isn’t roasted until you place your order. This is why our coffee reaches you at its peak flavor. It’s not sitting on a shelf somewhere in a warehouse, waiting to be boxed and shipped.

The coffee you buy in your supermarket can be as much as 6 months from the date of roasting, and coffee bought on Amazon at least 2 months from the date of roasting.

Our coffee isn’t just fresh and great tasting. But it is sustainably sourced, from the very best of the world’s coffee yield. No pesticides, chemicals or GMOs in our coffee.

It is drinking coffee the way it was intended to be drunk. From the early days of America to my grandma's kitchen table. Packed with bold, rich flavor, you expect from American coffee.

We know you’re going to love this coffee. After one sip, you’ll never go back to mass-produced toxin-loaded “generic”, warehouse coffee.


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As American as Apple Pie Coffee

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson deemed coffee "the favorite beverage of the civilized world". Jefferson enjoyed the coffee houses of Williamsburg and Paris, and served coffee at the President's House, Poplar Forest, and Monticello. He preferred beans imported from the East and West Indies, and abhorred the "green" or unripe beans that were popular in America at the time.

Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln was “almost entirely indifferent to food except that he liked apples and hot coffee.” He liked a good hot cup of coffee early in the morning to start his day.

Teddy Roosevelt

The 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt, drank coffee in a mug that could have served as a soup bowl. He drank approximately one gallon a day, according to those close to him.

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