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Why Patriot? It’s what makes us Americans. A patriot is someone who vigorously loves and supports their country, and is prepared to defend it against enemies and detractors. 

Thats exactly what our founders did. They and the patriots of what would be America, took on the tyrant King George, declaring our independence as a country, refusing to obey to his laws. 

From our first president, George Washington, and with no signs of slowing down, coffee became and remains the drink of choice in America.

Our Patriot roast, is our best seller, it’s a dark roast, low acidity, very bold flavor. 

Customer Reviews

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Darrell Hunter

I want to say to you all,  about the discovery of this wonderful coffee that I discovered...this is the best coffee I've, ever tasted I thought that it was some super expensive coffee from Columbia, or something like that...but no it's from a small business here in the U.S, that put nothing but love in every roasted coffee bean, and the price for the coffee was even more incredible for the flavor it try it if you're a true coffee lover you won't be disappointed!!!

Josh Peterson

This shit is the bomb

Rick hughes

I only drink the best coffee. That’s why I drink Freedom Roasters Coffee. I even take it with me on vacation so I don’t have to drink the hotel stuff. My personal favorite is dark roast. Freedom Roasters Coffee-Anything else is off the radar.

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